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'Soliloquy' is not only a euphonious synonym for 'soliloquy', but at the same time also an extremely aptly chosen title for his debut. In Jahn's version of a monologue, however, the singer opens up wide and lets his audience participate in his extremely personal thoughts and stories. Socially relevant topics such as the frustration about the lethargy of the privileged society come here just as much on the table as odes to curiosity and the courage to love, the magical key experience that ultimately unites all people regardless of skin color, sexual orientation. Above all, there is a longing for a common departure that leaves heteroformative role models behind and finally takes current problems such as climate change seriously and tackles them. These intimate stories are orchestrated with mandolins and drum machines, distorted vocal samples, creamy guitars, intricate rhythms and warm choirs - a warm soundbed between intimacy and opulent grandeur for Jahn's thoughts and demands.

Moritz Jahn

Actor, filmmaker Moritz Jahn inspires since 2018 also as a songwriter with melodic and opulently arranged songs between folk and indie pop. The stories of his songs are about longing and departure, about losing oneself and striving for the good life. With 'Soliloquy' he now releases his debut album, which he brings live on stage with his five-piece band. Practiced as an actor at embodying the stories of others, songwriting for him as an actor is the freedom to write his own script, he says. A script that combines seriousness and great emotions excellently - live you can look forward to grandiose glittering evenings that will have a lasting effect: First the collective rush of emotion, then the reflection on the content that Jahn conveys in his songs.




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